About Des Moines Iowa Artist Josh Sorrell


Iowa native Josh Sorrell (1979) is a self-taught artist producing representational artwork altered by abstract elements. Using oil or charcoal as the preferred medium, Josh examines themes of personal and cultural significance while also attempting to draw a new perspective from accepted ideas. Subjects are often presented within a surreal atmosphere meant to strengthen its impact. This focus on combining both real and imaginary components allow the viewer to create their own unique interpretation.


I paint to explore human nature within our current social structures. The subjects of my work examine how our experiences affect our fragile identity.

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Upcoming Exhibits:

2018 – 50th Clay, Fiber, Paper, Glass, Metal, Wood | Juried Exhibit | Octogon Center For the Arts | Ames, Iowa

Past Exhibits:

2017 – “Broken” | Ankeny Art Center | Ankeny, Iowa | Exhibit Date: October 3-November 29

2017 – “Broken” Artist Exhibition Review | Art Beacon Des Moines Iowa | Link Here

2017 –  Featured Daily Artist | The Daily Palette | University of Iowa | Link Here

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