Biography and Statement

Des Moines Iowa artist Josh Sorrell


Fine artist Josh Sorrell (b. 1979) creates figurative artwork transformed by expressive brush strokes and abstract elements. For the last eight years, Josh has been developing a unique way of oil painting to convey stories of self-discovery and evolution. This narrative is constructed using isolated subjects trapped in chaotic environments. His artwork has been part of numerous solo and group exhibitions across the nation. Josh’s work has also earned top awards in many juried art shows and is collected internationally. Currently, Josh works from his studio at Mainframe Studios in Des Moines, Iowa.



I find inspiration in the moments that shape our fragile identities. When I look at the person I’ve become, I often wonder how I arrived here. It’s like a journey filled with uncontrollable situations that can twist my beliefs in the blink of an eye. The way I paint is directly influenced by these thoughts and encounters. My imagery depicts these life-altering events using layers, texture, and color to obscure the subject into a new reality.